Regional Water Plans

2021 Regional Water Plan

On January 19, 2021, the Texas Water Development Board approved the 2021 Regional Water Plans, including the Panhandle Water Plan.

The 16 regional water plans together will form the basis of the 2022 State Water Plan. The 2021 plans complete the fifth cycle of the regional water planning process. During the five-year planning cycle, the planning groups evaluated population and water demand projections, water supplies, and water needs in their regions through 2070. The TWDB has made all regional water plans available here.

The TWDB produces a new state water plan every five years and will submit the 2022 State Water Plan to the governor, lieutenant governor, and the Texas Legislature by January 2022. Find more information and view the past state water plans here.

2016 Regional Water Plan

2011 Regional Water Plan

Region A 2011 Regional Water Plan.pdf
Region A 2011 RWP Appendices.pdf
Region A 2011 RWP Errata.pdf

2006 Regional Water Plan

Region A 2006 Regional Water Plan.pdf

2001 Regional Water Plan

Region A 2001 Regional Water Plan.pdf
Region A 2001 RWP Appendices.pdf
Region A 2001 RWP Errata.pdf