Current Members of the Region A Panhandle Water Planning Group

Panhandle Water Planning Group Membership.xlsx

Terms of Office

Terms of all members expire after three years. The membership terms have been staggered so that one-third of the members terms will expire each year in accordance to the process outlined in Article V. Section 2 of the Bylaws. The PWPG will utilize the process set forth under Article V. Section 4 of the Bylaws regarding the Selection of Members when a term expires or is otherwise found vacant.

Conditions of Membership & Responsibilities

In order to be eligible for voting membership on the PWPG, a person must represent the interest for which a member is sought, be willing to participate in the regional water planning process, and abide by these Bylaws.

Planning group members are encouraged to attend the regular meetings of the PWPG. Member responsibilities include:

  • Representing their respective interest categories in the water planning process

  • Developing a water plan that serves the entire region taking into consideration the water needs of all diverse regional interests

  • Considering water plans developed by local entities

  • Ensuring the adoption of a regional water plan by the statutory deadline that meets all requirements


The Panhandle Water Planning Group Bylaws were originally adopted on March 24, 1998. They have subsequently been amended seven times and below is the current version as last amended April 7, 2022.

Region A. Panhandle Water Planning Group | Bylaws - Amended 4.7.22 (Current).pdf