Presentations provided at public meetings of the PWPG will be made available on an ongoing basis throughout the Water Planning Cycle.

July 1, 2022

Impact of AgriBusiness.pdf

April 7, 2022

Draft: Non-Municipal Demand Projections

2026 Regional Water Plans: Projections Methodology

Draft Non-Municipal Water Demand Projections.pdf
2026 Regional Water Plans Projections Methodology Overview.pdf

June 29, 2021

North Plains GCD: Missouri River Transfer Project

PRPC: Pre-Planning Public Input

Missouri River Transfer Project Maps_bw.pdf
Pre-Planning Public Input Presentation.pdf

TWDB: Region A Update

TWDB: Statewide ASR-AR Survey*

Region A _TWDB update_June 29, 2021.pdf

*Additional information about the survey may be found on the TWDB website here. View the report, story map, and interactive web map to learn more.